Wooden Utensil Set (5 Pcs)

WoodAcacia wood


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Chefs around the world know this: wood is good for cooking. It’s strong, safe and soft. Wood can handle extreme temperatures and doesn’t scratch your beloved pans and pots. That’s why we bring a collection of your all-time favorite utensils. Spoons, skimmers and spatulas. Made out of 100% solid and shiny Acacia. You will love them! Complete set of 5 utensils: Skimmer Spoon, Skimmer Spoon XL, Spoon with Tasting Part, Skimmer Spatula XL, and a Food Tong.

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Benefits & Features

100% Acacia wood.
Stir anything without breaking.
Wood will slide and not scratch the surface of your cookware.
High heat tolerance, won’t melt or deform.
Hand wash, not in dishwasher.
Set includes: Skimmer Spoon, Skimmer Spoon XL, Shovel Spatula, Spoon with Tasting Part, Skimmer Spatula, Skimmer Spatula XL, Spatula with Tasting Part and a Food Tong.
EAN 8718885439397
Material Wood
Weight 0.65 kg
Made in China
Type Kitchen Utensils