Wooden Food Tong

WoodAcacia wood


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Chefs around the world know this: wood is good for cooking. It’s strong, safe and soft. Wood can handle extreme temperatures and doesn’t scratch your beloved pans and pots. That’s why we bring a collection of your all-time favorite utensils. Spoons, skimmers and spatulas. Made out of 100% solid and shiny Acacia. You will love them! There is also a complete set of 8 utensils available: Skimmer Spoon, Skimmer Spoon XL, Shovel Spatula, Spoon with Tasting Part, Skimmer Spatula, Skimmer Spatula XL, Spatula with Tasting Part and a Food Tong.

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EAN 8718885437287
Material Wood

Width: 12.0 cm

Length: 42.0 cm

Height: 2.0 cm

Weight 0.05 kg
Made in China
Type Kitchen Utensils