Tasteful pork belly by Adrian Zarzo

- Eten van de chef

Pork belly slowly cooked and Anna dutch gold caviar with a crème of La ratte patatos.

Meet Adrian Zarzo, chef of 1 Michelin-starred restaurant Zarzo and restaurant Valencia both located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Adrian Zarzo prepared this amazing meal, which is currently on the menu of Zarzo, Eindhoven. The dish is named Spek Anna Dutch.


Lacquered Pork Belly – Anna Dutch Gold Caviar – Potato Cream – Roasted Almonds – Cress


Start with slowly cooking the pork belly for 12 hours, at 85 degrees celcius.

For the lacquer use the Beef Shank and Calf Shank, which must be cooked until it becomes a syrupy substance. Now place this lacquer on top of the Pork Belly.

Continue with the creme  which is made of La Ratte potatos and flavored with some butter and salt.

Finally finish this amazing dish with the Cress, roasted Almonds and the gold Caviar.

Want to know more about Adrian Zarzo and his restaurant,
Check there website: www.zarzo.nl