Green smoothie by Rutger van der Weel

- Eten van de chef

Green smoothie with fried seaweed and Furikake mayonaise. A healthy appetizer from Rutger van der Weel.

A healthy and delicious recipe from Rutger van der Weel, chef of michelin-starred restaurant Katseveer.


Appelaere – broccoli juice – yuzu juice – salt – flour – maizena – baking powder – seaweed – egg yolk – lime juice – olive oil – vegetable oil – furikake.


Start by mixing the appelaere, broccoli juice, yuzu juice and a touch of salt. The smoothie is meant to be served icy with crushed ice.

For the fried layer on the seaweed add the flour, maizena, baking powder and water to a batter, with a touch of salt. Then gently dry the seaweed, dip the seaweed in the batter and fry it at 160 degrees Celsius.

Mix the egg yolks, lime juice and a touch of salt.
Add the olive oil and the vegetable oil in drops. Finally add the furikake.

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