Gorgeous Codfish by Dick Middelweerd

- Eten van de chef

Codfish cheek and ravigote creme, with a bit of dill for the finishing touch. New green and different. Tip, maybe do not share!

Another recipe of Dick Middelweerd, Chef of 2 Michelin-starred restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve in Waalre, The Netherlands.


Tempura – Trisol – Algae powder – Vodka – Eggs – Salt – Panko, Breadcrumbs – Furikake – Spirulina – Codfish – Mustard – Vinegar – Sunflower oil – Sweet/ Sour Pickles – Shallot – Garlic – Parsley – Lemon


For the breadcrumb mixture,Mix 500gr tempura, 80gr of trisol, 40gr of algae powder and a bit of salt. Blend 330gr of wodka with 330gr of egg whites. Add the powdery mixture, piece by piece, to the liquid blend and stir the mixture until it has completely dissolved.

Mix 250gr of the Panko, bread crumbs with 500gr of the furikake mix and 10gr of spirulina to create the crispy mix.

Start by removing the cheek from the codfish, then clear the fleece from the cheek. Cut the cheek in 2 or 3 pieces this depending on the size. Cover the codfish cheek with the previous made breadcrumb mixture then cover it with the crispy mix. Fry the codfish on 160 degrees. Make sure it keeps the green colour.

Continue with preparing the ravigote creme by mixing 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of mustard with 2 egg yolks. Then add 400gr of sunflower oil, drop by drop, to the mixture until the mixture has the desired thickness. Finely chop the following ingredients and add these to the mixture, 1 shallot, 1 clove of garlic, 30gr of parsley and 1 sweet-soure pickle. Add some extra flavor to the creme with lemon zest, lemon juice and a bit of salt.

For the finishing touch a bit of ravigote creme and dill.
New green and different. Tip, maybe do not share!

Want to know more about Dick Middelweerd and his restaurant?
Check their website: www.treeswijkhoeve.nl