Favorite Langoustine by Rutger van der Weel

- Eten van de chef

For his final recipe, Rutger chose to use his favorite ingredient the langoustine. He combined this with some typical winter ingredients, pumpkin and carrots. Enjoy!

Last but not least we present you the final recipe of Rutger van der Weel chef of michelin-starred restaurant Katseveer.


Langoustines – Winter Carrot – Passion Fruit – Carrotjuice – Sharon Fruit – Oxtail juice – Butternut Squash – Cream – Smoked Olive Oil – Sambai Vinegar – Pepper – Salt – Butter – Lemon Juice – Dille


Cleaning the langoustines and cut the tails in pieces. Flavor with pepper and salt. Rol them in plastic foil and put it in the fridge.

Start pealing the pumpkin and cut it in pieces. Put it in the oven at 140 degrees Celcius for about 1 / 1,5 hour.

Continue by heating up the cream and boil it down till half of it is left. no mix the cream pumpkin and cream in the blender until it is smooth.

Heat up the carrot juice and boil it down till half of it is left. Stir it with the cleaned passionfruit  Peal the sharon fruit, cut in pieces and bake it.

For the vinaigrette mix the oxtail juice, smoked olive oil and the sambai vinegar. Finish the dish with thin carrot slices.

Want to know more about Rutger van der Weel and his restaurant?
Check their website: www.katseveer.nl