Exquisite iberico cheek by Adrian Zarzo

- Eten van de chef

Exquisite iberico cheek with sauerkraut and foie gras. Finished with roasted almonds and cru de cacao.

This is the final recipe of Adrian Zarzo, Chef of michelin starred-restaurant Zarzo and restaurant Valenzia.


Sauerkraut – white wine – goose fat – clove – granny smit – iberico cheek – salt – sugar – paprika – foie gras – colorozo salt – salt – red port – roasted almonds – cru de cacao


Heat the sauerkraut to temperature and deglaze with white wine until there is no damp left. Peal an apple and add this with the goose fat and clove.

Continue by adding salt, sugar and paprika to the iberico cheek by rubbing this on the product. Leave to bake for 12 hours on 85 degrees.

Now bake the foie gras with the colorozo salt, salt and the red port 2 hours on 48 degrees. Let it cool, then knead it and roll it in the foie.

Finally heat the damp of the iberico cheek and combine this with the leftover of the foie gras. Finish this dish with roasted almonds and cru de cacao.

Want to know more about Adrian Zarzo and his restaurant,
Check there website: www.zarzo.nl