Delicious sole by Rutger van der Weel

- Eten van de chef

Lemon sole with cockles and deep fried kale, Rutger used different ingredients to create this well balanced and delicious recipe.

The next recipe we present you is Lemon Sole created by Rutger van der Weel, chef of michelin-starred restaurant Katseveer located in Wilhelminadorp, The Netherlands.


Lemon Sole – Cockles – Garlic – Lacinato Kale – Sauerkraut – Chicken fond – Cream – Bay leaf – Clove – Chestnut – Butter – Parsnip – Chicken Bouillon – Milk – Pepper – Salt – White wine – Olive Oil


Drain the sauerkraut and bake it in olive oil. Add the cream, chicken fond, bay leaf and clove and leave this for 1 hour on low heat.

Then fillet the lemon sole and grill this.

Continue by pealing the parsnip, remove the core, slice in pieces and heat up the pieces with the milk and the chicken bouillon. Once everything is cooked, place the ingredients in a food processor and whizz until smooth.

Heat up the cockles with garlic and deglaze with white wine.

Drain the pan with the sauerkraut, retain the cooking liquid, boil down with 100gr butter.
Now pick the lacinato kale, wash it and deep fry at 180 degrees Celsius.

And for the finishing touch, some crushed chestnuts.

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