Appetizing calf tartare by Adrian Zarzo

- Eten van de chef

Calf tartare with yoghurt and poach egg yolk. Seasoned with lime juice and smoked olive oil.

The 3rd recipe of Adrian Zarzo, Chef of michelin starred-restaurant Zarzo and restaurant Valenzia, is a classic recipe, one of Dutchdeluxes favorites!


For 4 persons:
600gr Filet of Veal – Pimento – Salt – Pepper – 1dl Yoghurt – Lime – 4 Egg Yolks – 300gr Chicken Skin – 100gr Purslane – 50gr Olive Oil – 50gr smoked Olive Oil


Start by cutting the filet of veal in bur-noise into small cubes and flavor it with some pepper, salt, pimento and olive oil.

Now poach the egg yolks and flavour these with maldon salt and pepper.

Continue by adding flavour to the yoghurt with lime rasp, lime juice, smoked olive oil, pepper and salt.

Finally pickle the chicken skin with salt and water for 20 minutes. now bake the chicken skin for  1 hour on 180 Celcius degrees.

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