Sophisticated Langoustine by Gerard Wollerich

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The langoustine with celery root and tamarind compote in a shortly blanched pumpkin triangle.
The art of langoustine, taste stunning! 

This is a recipe of chef Gerard Wollerich, the owner of Michelin starred restaurant Wollerich in Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands.


Pumpkin –  Celery root – Tamarind – Shallot – Garlic – Turmeric – Coriander – Coconut milk – Chicken stock – Cream


Start by peeling 400gr of celery root and slice it in small pieces. Cook the celery root well-done in the 200ml of cream. Once the celery root is cooked strain and mash till a smooth mixture, you may want to add a bit of the cream. Place this mixture in a piping bag.    

Clean 1 pumpkin from its skin and remove the top just above the pumpkin seeds. Slice the top part into very thin slices and use a cutter to create round shapes. Cut the bottom part in half and clean from their seeds, continue to cut the pumpkin into medium sized dices.

Place the pumpkin dices and the leftover pumpkin from shaping the round slices in a casserole. Add 20gr of tamarind, 1 glove of garlic, 2gr of turmeric, 4gr of coriander, 100ml of coconut milk and 300ml of chicken stock to the casserole. Cook this mixture into a compote, make sure that this becomes a thick mixture.

Shortly blanch the round thin slices of pumpkin. Fill the slices with the just prepared compote, fold the slices into a triangle and roast with a blowtorch.

Finish the dish with a quenelle of compote, shortly bake and roast a langoustine and place it on top the quenelle of pumpkin compote. Put the celery root on the plate with the pipping bag and next to this you place the roasted pumpkin triangle filled with the tamarind compote.

The art of Langoustine, taste stunning!

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