Fabulous lemon pie by Gerard Wollerich

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The fabulous lemon and coconut pie with a combination of white and caramel chocolate. With meringue and colourful flowers as finishing touch. This Lemon and Coconut pie is definitely worth every calorie! Continue reading for the full recipe.

This is a recipe of chef Gerard Wollerich, the owner of Michelin starred restaurant Wollerich in Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands.


Coconut Cream – Sugar – Cream – Gelatine – Lemons – Butter – Eggs – White Chocolate – Fondant – Glucose – Dark Chocolate


Start by mixing 400gr coconut cream with 100gr of cream and 100gr of sugar into a sauce pan. When the cream is boiling add 6gr of soaked gelatine.

Put the grater and juice from 3 lemons in a bowl together with 200gr of sugar, 120gr of butter, 2 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks. Whisk this mixture au Bain Marie till a thick substance. Take off the heat and add 4gr of soaked gelatine.

Continue with filling half a silicone mold with the coconut cream and place in the freezer for about 4 hours. When the cream had time to freeze, remove it from the silicone mold.

Now for the caramel, use a sauce pan and heat 50gr of fondant and 100gr of glucose to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius than take the pan of the heat and stir 20gr of dark chocolate through this mixture. It is important to directly get the caramel from the sauce pan on to a wax-free paper. Let the caramel dry and blend to a powder with the use of a blender.

Sieve the caramel powder on a wax-free paper and into the oven for about 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. When melted take form the oven and let it cool down to room temperature.

Boil 75ml of water and 150gr of sugar to 120 degrees Celsius. Mix this with 50gr of whipped egg whites and continue this movement till the mixture is on room temperature. Then spread this mixture very thin on again a wax-free paper and leave to dry for at least 6 hours on 80 degrees.

Finally melt the white chocolate au Bain Marie and spread this very thin on a wax-free paper and let this dry until the chocolate is hard.

Place the lemon and coconut pie in the middle of the plate and place the white chocolate, caramel chocolate and the meringue all in different directions into the pie.

You can use different types of flower to give this dish a colourful and beautiful finishing touch!

This Lemon and Coconut pie is definitely worth every calorie!

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