Delicious turbot filet by Dick Middelweerd

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The combination of the different flavours, makes this recipe of turbot filet, truffle and cheese delicious. It might be one of my personal favourites. Sadly, this is Dick’s final recipe, but thankful for sharing his secrets with us.

Chef of 2 Michelin-starred restaurant De Treeswijkhoeve in Waalre, The Netherlands.


Jerusalem artichoke – Sea salt – Turbot fillet – Medium dry Sherry – Olive oil – Sunflower oil – Balsamic vinegar – Poultry broth – Truffle gravy – White truffle oil – Corn oil – Ceps – Mushrooms – Cream – Salt – Pepper – Curry – Onions – Vinegar – Sugar – Porcini mushrooms – Garlic – Thyme – Rosemary – Egg yolk – Pasta flower – Chicken bouillon – Basil – Milk – Old cheese – Emulsion paste – Xantana –
Winter truffle – Soya oil


Clean the jerusalem artichoke, place on an oven tray with 500gr sea salt. Bake it for 2 and a half hours at 200 degrees. Leave to chill, till room temperature is reached, remove it from it’s skin by using a spoon and crush to a coarse mixture.

For the truffle vinaigrette shortly heat 50gr of Sherry and 80gr of chicken bouillon just till the alcohol has evaporated. Slice 5gr of winter truffle to small pieces and add these to the mixture together with, 20gr of white truffle oil, 20gr of corn oil, 40gr of sunflower oil, 60gr of olive oil, 40gr of truffle gravy and 20gr of balsamic vinegar. You may want to add a little salt and pepper.

Slice the 250gr turbot fillet into 4 individual piece of approximately 60gr. Add salt and some curry on the fillet and preheat the frying pan with a little oil. Bake the fish on one side, the one with the seasoning.

Grill 1kg of mushrooms till they are nicely brown, by for example shortly grilling them on the barbecue. Now boil the mushrooms till done in 5dl of cream. Drain the mushrooms but save the liquid that is left over after boiling. Mash the mushrooms and smoothen the mixture by using the boiling liquid as much as necessary. Season with some salt and use the sieve to remove leftovers pieces.

Cook 150gr of vinegar with 50gr of sugar till the sugar has dissolved. Undo the onions from their skin, boil them for 15 minutes on low heat. Slice them in halve and carefully burn them with a chefs torch.

Cut 500gr of porcini mushrooms in slices, now preserve the slices in 300gr olive oil and add 3 cloves of garlic, 3 branches of thyme and 3 branches of rosemary. Heat this mixture for about 20 minutes on 85 degrees. Bake the porcini mushrooms till nicely brown in a frying pan and sprinkle some balsamic oil on top.

Use the left over porcini mushroom, let these dry for about 4 hours on 80 degrees and crush till there a powdery substance.

Slice 1kg ceps in small pieces and bake in oil with one clove of garlic and 3 branches of thyme. Let this steam for about 35 minutes, this will be the stuffing for the ravioli.

Mix 800gr of pasta flower, 1dl of water, 1dl of olive oil and 30gr of egg yolks till one smooth dough. Let the dough rest for 2 hours in a refrigerator while covered with foil. Take the dough through the pasta machine, till desired thickness is reached. Apply egg yellow on halve of the pasta dough, put the stuffing on this side of the dough by using a spoon for portioning. Place the other halve of the dough on top of the stuffed side and extend the ravioli using a round form. Press the edges with your fingers before cooking them in water with some salt for 3 minutes.

For the foam of old cheese, from the Ruurhoeve, boil 120gr of milk, 180gr of water and 80gr of cream then add 150gr of the cheese. Let the cheese melt and mix till the cheese has dissolved, season the mixture with some salt. Take this through a sieve and add 2gr of xantana and 1 tablespoon of emulsion paste. Put the mixture in a pippingbag, make sure that the mixture does not get to any temperature higher then 50 degrees.

Take the basil from 2 branches and boil these shortly. Dry the leaves and mix them with 300gr of soya oil to a green colored oil. Smoothen the mixture through a sieve.


Start with one tablespoon of jerusalem artichoke compote in the center of the plate and add one tablespoon of the truffle vinaigrette. Lay the turbot fillet on top and place 2 onions and 1 slice of porcini mushroom on de sides. The ravioli needs to be placed on top of the fish en add the foam of cheese on top. Sprinkle a little of the portici mushroom powder and basilicum oil on the dish.

Finish the plate with a bit of cheese and some slices of winter truffle.

This was already the final recipe of Dick, which was your absolute favorite?

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