Colourful tuna by Gerard Wollerich

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Raw tuna with sweet & sour vegetables, the perfect surprise for your mom this Mother’s Day. Continue reading for the complete recipe.

The next chef who will share his secrets with us is Gerard Wollerich, chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Wollerich in Sint-Oedenrode in the Netherlands.


Tuna – Black radish – Horse radish – Pak choy – Cucumber – Carrots – Ginger – Soy sauce – Sesame oil – Basil – Sunflower oil – Sushi vinegar – Water – White wine – Sugar – Bay leaf – Cloves – Lemon – Lime – Garlic – Nori powder – Salt – Pepper – Butter


We will first need a base of sweet and sour seasoning, add 200ml of water, 200gr of sugar, 200ml of white wine, 1 lime, 1 lemon, 5 cloves, 1 garlic clove and 2 bay leaves in a pan and get the mixture to boil. Strain the sweet and sour base and keep refrigerated.

Peel 300gr of carrots and 50gr of ginger and boil both of them, blend the vegetables to a smooth texture. Subsequently add a little of butter and flavor with salt and pepper.

Shortly blanch the basil and dry between a pair of paper towels. Mix the basil with 200ml of sunflower oil, strain the substance and add the 200ml of sushi vinegar. Place the mixture in the fridge.

Now cut one pak-choy, halve of a cucumber and a quarter of the black radish in medium sized dices. Flavor the vegetables with the prepared sweet and sour seasoning.

Slice a quarter of the horse radish in thin slices and season these with the sweet and sour sauce as well. Continue with cutting the 200gr of tuna and flavor with salt, pepper, soy sauce and some sesame oil. Wrap the seasoned tuna in foil and place in the refrigerator.

Finalize the dish by covering the tuna with black radish and add a bit of nori powder around it, now place the sweet and sour vegetable’s around the tuna and finish off with the vinaigrette of basil. If you would like to add a finishing touch, you can add different kinds of herbs to the dish.

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